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            The Smithfield City Police Department has been in operation since 2001.  However, before that
Smithfield has had a long legacy of men serving in law enforcement.   In 1868, Thomas G. Winn was
elected as the first marshal of Smithfield.  From then until 1971 Smithfield law enforcement was handled
by a marshal and a night watchman.  The following are the most complete lists of the men who have
served as the Smithfield Marshal and as the Night Watchmen that is available.                

Marshalls Night Watchmen
Larry Anderson Henry Barnes
Oliver Anderson Merl Ewing
Ted Dowd Reed Law
Earl M. Ewing Mark McCann
Ray Facer Ed Pitcher
Frank Federico Jim Reed
Harry Griffiths J. H. Richardson
Jack (John) Hadfield Verner Scrowther
John R. Hillyard Done Thornley
Jack Howard James Tuveson
Farrell Karren Alf Wickham
Reed Law
Dan Littledyke
L. O. (Oz) Low
James J. Meikle
James Merrill
Richard Mechaelis
Edwin R. Miles Sr.
Harry Munns
Joseph Nelson
Samuel Nelson
C. Emil Peterson
Marvin Priestley
William Reed
Jim Reese
Rich Richardson
Verner Scrowther
Jonathan Heber Smith
Jack Stowell
Alberto John Thornley
R. B. Thornley
Thomas G. Winn
William L. Winn
LaMoine Wiser

            From 1971 until January 2001, Smithfield contracted with the Cache County Sheriff’s Department
for its law enforcement needs.  In 2000, the city council reevaluated the city’s needs and decided that the
growing population of Smithfield necessitated a police department.  On August, 15, 2000, Johnny W. McCoy
was hired as Chief of Police and he immediately began to lay the ground work for the formation of the
Smithfield City Police Department.  He hired five police officers and on January 1, 2001 the Smithfield City
police officers efficiently traded posts with the Cache County Sheriffs Department.  Since that time the
police department has continued to grow to fulfill the needs of the citizens of Smithfield.