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Smithfield City has contracted with the Cache County Building Inspection Department for all future building permits and inspections. 


Zoning clearance, site plan review, contractor deposit, impact fees and other fees not associated with a building permit will still be collected by Smithfield City at the city office. Zoning clearance approval by the city staff and payment of all fees paid to the city must be completed prior to submitting building plans to the county. 


Building permit related questions and plan submittals need to be delivered to:


Cache County Building Inspection Department

179 North Main, Suite 305

Logan, UT  84321


Phone:  (435) 755-1650

Email:  cachecountyplanreview@gmail.com


Hours:  8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.; Monday through Friday


Site plan, zoning clearance and fees will still be obtained and paid at the city office during regular business hours. 



Welcome to the Civic Center

The Civic Center will open for Smithfield residents to walk beginning November 30th and continue through the month of February.

The following schedule, rules & regulations will apply:

Open Mon, Weds, Fri with the following exceptions:

Closed: 12/25, 1/01, 1/18, & 2/15

Walking times:

8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. Mon, Weds, Fri

Please stay in designated walk areas on the outside of the court

No food or drink allowed. Water allowed in capped spill proof containers only.

No boom boxes allowed – music may be listened to with headphones only.

Children must be supervised at all times and remain in designated areas or in strollers.

No toys, balls & etc. on court during designated walking times.

Smithfield City reserves the right at anytime to refuse use of any facility to any group or individual who has violated any of the conditions, rules, or regulations governing the use of the facility.

The city reserves the right to close the facility at any time for maintenance, programs, building rentals, or for other city uses.

Groups or individuals using the facility are responsible to pay for any damage to or loss of City property connected with such use. Smithfield City will not be responsible for the loss, damage, or theft of equipment or articles owned by the user.

Groups or individuals use the facility at their own risk.


Smithfield City has a new Twitter account -  @SmithfieldUtah



The city Facebook page is growing rapidly and Facebook made us update to a new page to allow for more followers. 

The city staff is starting over with the new page as dictated by Facebook requirements.

Please LIKE our new page and follow along for updates.

Search: Smithfield Utah

 Or see the direct link below:


Fingerprinting now available at the Smithfield City Police Department.

Fingerprinting available anytime between 8:30-4:30 Monday - Friday.

Appointments are recommended. Walk-ins are welcome.

Contact:  Aubrey at 435-563-8501


 Support Your Library

A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS DONATED TO THE LIBRARY RENOVATION SO FAR.  There is still a huge need for donations.  The new Book Depository was purchased from a donation.  Another donation is paying for the old catalog files to be made into tables, to maintain the flavor of the Carnegie Library. PLEASE CONTINUE TO GIVE!!

All transactions are through PayPal and secure.  No donation is too small and all are appreciated. The donations will be used for the purchase of items such as tables, chairs, computers etc. 

Several people have asked where they can donate to this project and we have made the link available on this website for an easier way to donate.  Just click on the donate button located directly below "Support Your Library" (above Quick Links).

You can also donate while you are visiting the Library page.

Donations will continue to be accepted at the city office building, 96 South Main.


     Click for more pictures: Smithfield Trees -Sunset Park

Trees for Smithfield information

Check out the Smithfield Tree Committee's page.  Download the gorgeous slideshow here.

Questions?  Contact the Committee at trees@smithfieldcity.org